Lecture Capture

How to Prepare

Filming in a studio environment allows us to capture your lecture with a professional level of audio and video clarity. However, there are also some unique challenges inherent in the experience. By knowing a bit about what to expect, you can be less focused on the video recording, and more on the delivery of your lecture. Here a few things that may be helpful to consider – but don’t put too much thought, stress, or worry into these.

Before You Arrive

  • Bring water.
  • Use 16×9 ratio PowerPoint slides (not 4×3). Slide templates can be found on the Video Production Services website.
  • Use bold, readable fonts that contrast with the background. Keep ADA requirements in mind.
  • Send your PowerPoint presentation and any related files to edu-help@ahc.ufl.edu and bring a copy on a thumb drive.
  • Practice your presentation out loud.
  • Arrive about 10 minutes early for your appointment

The “Moiré Effect” causes tight patterns to appear distorted.


There is no dress-code, but you should look your best and dress professionally.


  • Exceptionally saturated, bold colors
  • Green (for green screen recordings)
  • Pure whites and blacks
  • Patterns, stripes, and polka dots
  • Reflective clothing or jewelry

DO Wear

  • Solid color garment with a neutral or subtle hue
  • clothing that has a place for the microphone to clip-on to, such as collared
  • An extra layer. The studio can be cold but warms up quickly under our lights. A light sweater or jacket will give you options.