HPNP Building

UF Health Distance Education Support Services is a newly formed auxiliary that leverages experts in their fields to help build a successful distance education program. The motivation for this effort comes from the increased interest in self-funded programs across campus, but particularly within the UF Health Science Center, as well as demand on existing campus resources from UF Online. Therefore, there is currently limited support available to bring a new online program to fruition once it has been approved up until it becomes self-sustaining and financially viable.

While a unit within the Office of the Associate Provost for Teaching & Technology will continue to be responsible for self-funded program application development and related functions, we will primarily support entrepreneurial programs in the six colleges in the HSC, acting as a program incubator, providing proven approaches to create and maintain a successful and sustainable program. This includes graphic and instructional design, website design, and video capture. To this end we have hired a production team of experienced producers, web developers, streaming specialists, and built a production studio.

In addition to course development capabilities, our student support unit processes over 1,800 online enrollments each semester in collaboration with UF Admissions and Graduate School staff. We have developed a long relationship with the Registrar, Admissions, Bursar, Graduate School, and Financial Aid to provide students with the best possible experience.  We are also able to provide night and weekend support as many students are working professionals or reside in different time zones and require support outside of regular business hours.